Do not dwell in the past, Do not dream of the future, and Concentrate the mind on the present moment

Shraddha, an intelligent, promising student, always getting 99% in class, was writing her English exam paper, Due to a cold, she did not do well in the exam and this got to her head. She was scared so much that she started thinking she will fail. All her teachers and parents tried to help her but could not. This fear of her became the reason she got failed in her 12th board exams.

We can see here that Shraddha was so much dwelt in her English paper getting ruined, she could not focus on the next papers she was writing and this made her, a child who is scared of colds and exams.

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Media Freedom: Should There be a Limit?

When we hear the word ‘Media’, the people who come to mind are one with cameras and others asking others’ opinions about current government policies, their condition, and what people demand. Those people then appear on TV, social media, and YouTube. They collect the information and News and broadcast it to the people, making them aware of the current ongoing in the field of Politics, Economic policies, social initiatives, cultural glory, historical findings, scientific inventions, etc.

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Mask on the face or Scar on the Soul

A kid trapped inside the devil, trying to get out, crying. He doesn’t know how did he get to this point where there is a cut mark on his face from one eye to the other side’s cheek. Is he really trapped or is he the devil himself? He is scared but pities the devil. How did an innocent kid become a devil, or is it just a mask he put on? Could he have changed what had happened?

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What is research, but a blind date with Knowledge

The legend is that about 800,000 years ago a fine evening in autumn, Mr. Homo Erectus was sitting in front of his cave and making stone tools. He was concerned with thoughts about how would he find food for the next day. What if some big animal attacks him? As he was cutting stone by stone, something sparkled. He was surprised. Then it sparkled again and this time some dried shrubs caught it. The shrubs started burning. And this is how man saw fire first time.

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Raveena 3: Are you ready for lunch?

“Who are you? ” Raveena asked her.

“We’ll do the introduction later, you must be hungry, let’s get lunch first”, Nina replied.

Nina helped Raveena in getting up and they started walking. Raveena was amazed by the Palace. She had never seen such big halls and corridors before. On the left, paintings of Kings with big mustaches were hanging with the dead look in their eyes. On the right a lion’s head with its fangs showing ready to kill its prey without mercy.

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Raveena 1: A Broken Headlight

With her husband Ravi’s dead body in her arms, Raveena was crying out loud in pain.

She and her husband used to live in a small village ‘Toli’. They both were living, not living just surviving with farming some land, his father left for them. Life was hard, but they were happy together.

One day when they both were coming from the market, a car came fast and hit Ravi. Ravi fell down and hit a stone that broke his leg. and the axe that was in his hand broke the lights of the car in the collision. The car was actually of Ashoka Ji’s son ‘Vikas’. He was that type of boy as you are expecting him.

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