Raveena: The Vampire Awakens

She stood up and started walking. On the road, the rally was still going on. She walked right in the middle of it. She was covered in her husband’s blood, As she was going through the rally, she looked at Ramkrishna. He already knew that his son had killed this woman’s husband. So he looked at her with disgust like she was just a piece of garbage. But when he looked into her eyes, he could see the fire in them, the fire of hell that could burn him and everything, But she knew that at this time she was weak and would not be able to take revenge. So she went through the rally to her destination to meet the devil. As she was walking all the negativity anger, and hatred inside her were asking the devil for something to on, to take revenge.

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He is Unknown, She is Unknown

He is understanding, She is uncategorizable

He is unsophisticated, She is unbounded

He is unexceptional, She is unpredictable

He is unchangeable, She is untraditional

He is unbelievable, She is unreasonable

He is untranslated, She is unanswerable

He is undocumented, She is unaffordable

He is underground, She is unavoidable

He is unnecessary, She is unavailable.

Are you Corrupted? Think.

It is a very common, ages-old problem in the Indian Government system. We talk about it always whenever govt is not able to implement its policies effectively, efficiently, and on time with proper monitoring. Whenever any policy is designed, its estimated expenditure is also set by the parliament or legislative assembly (whichever is making that policy).

But do people get benefited from that? Does the whole money which is allocated for that policy, used only for that purpose? Is everyone in the system very much dedicated to his/her duties?

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Analysis of Village and Its People


Rural culture is basically based on fraternity, helping each other, and being together in ‘Sukha and Dukha’. This is the best thing about rural people that they know about their neighbours which is absent in Urban. Village people wake up at 5 AM, complete their basic routine and then go to work.


All the people are here farmers and besides that, they do labour work. They work as labours for Rs. 350 per day in near villages. But this work is not regular, sometimes they get work for 1 month and sometimes nothing for 2 months.

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Fundamental Rights and Duties of Every Indian

India got its independence on 15 August 1947 from British rule. Like every other democratic country, India needed a constitution that can make this country on its feet again and India could never be a slave country again, neither of foreign nor any Indian. So India has the largest written constitution in the world. It took 2 years, 11 months, and 18 days to prepare its format, led by Dr. B. R. Amebedkar (‘The Father of Indian Constitution). Around 390 members worked for the making of this heart of India.

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How to get rid of negative thoughts

  1. Ask yourself – Who are you ? and try to find the answer.
  2. Meditate – meditation → Sit down, close your eyes, calm down, relax your breath, relax your body and focus on the light in the darkness and the silence of it.
  3. Listen to cheering songs.
  4. Tell yourself → everything will be fine
  5. Plan → the work you are worried about.
  6. Watch Naruto
  7. Try to remove the ‘Not’ word from your sentences
  8. Go and help your family.
  9. Write about your thoughts
  10. Seek help from others.